The Natural Skagit

The Natural (Ethnobotany) Skagit Float:
How to Gather and Eat Wild Foods,
Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms

Do you ever stop and wonder about the names and uses of wild plants that you pass by each day? There is a Native American saying that there is a use for every plant and a plant for every illness.  When you float down this mellow (no white water) section of the Upper Skagit River nestled below snow-capped North Cascades you will learn about edible wild foods, medicinal plants and mushrooms, and the traditional Coast Salish methods of harvesting and consumption. Join us for this interesting nature excursion.


There will be lessons on plant identification, ethical gathering practices and traditional use of plants for food, fiber, medicine and shelter. We’ll explore meadows and woodlands along the river, forage in nature’s well-stocked pantry and learn how to collect in a safe and legal manner while preserving plant habitats.


This adventure is available March-June, and is about 4 hours from start to finish including a lunch on the riverbank. There is a maximum of 17 passengers per trip, so this will be an intimate, personal experience.  Children must be 10 or over.


Price Per Person:  $97 with Lunch / $87 without Lunch



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Please note: Trips are not cancelled due to rain or cold weather.